SuperK laser reliability

With a year of service-free use, we offer the most reliable and advanced white light laser on the market.

Over the past years, we have invested heavily in reliability programs for our white light lasers to ensure that they meet industrial requirements.

To ensure the reliability of our SuperK white light lasers, we have more than 60 lasers running in our test lab – day and night – with different configurations specified by our customers. All test results are documented and used for improvements.

10,000 service-free hours’ of operation

Our industrial white light lasers typically run 24/7 for more than a full year without any service.

Today, the white light laser is used in some of the most advanced industrial applications like confocal microscopy, sorting based on machine learning, and semiconductor inspection.

Short downtime is guaranteed

We have designed our white light laser with a short downtime in mind. When a laser needs service, the modular design makes it easy to quickly exchange spare parts.

Depending on your need, we offer to exchange the entire laser or to exchange the spare part at your premises.


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