Lasers for squeezed light

Are you looking for a laser for squeezed light applications such as quantum computers, gravitational wave detection, quantum sensing, or quantum key distribution? Read more

Acetylene locked lasers

Are you looking for a laser with superior long-term mode-hop-free stability as a foundation for your acetylene-locked laser? Read more

ORIGAMI XP Summer clearance sale

It's summer and we are clearing out our inventory of ultrafast ORIGAMI XP and XPSs to make space for our new generation lasers - red hot summer deals ahead! But hurry, we only found a few lasers on the shelves so they will be gone soon. Read more

ORIGAMI XP femtosecond laser series just got better!

We have improved the ORIGAMI XP platform for you! We have added extra features to make it an even better choice for industrial OEM and research applications such as display, medical-device, and electronic manufacturing. But we did not change its robust, compact, air-cooled housing or market-leading pointing stability. Read more