See you at BiOS & Photonics West 2024

What have you been up to since last year? Come tell us!
We’re at booth 8401 at BiOS & 3401 at Photonics West.

What are we bringing to the show? Here’s a sneak peek.

Single-Frequency Fiber Lasers

Ultra-stable fiber laser for Ba-ion excitation

Our 1762 nm Koheras ADJUSTIK T20 is designed for barium ion quantum systems. This laser offers an exceptionally narrow linewidth, extremely stable high-frequency output, and a remarkably low noise floor. See it live at our booth!

Smaller and more flexible

The Koheras HARMONIK high-power UV & VIS fiber laser are now available as line cards. Integrate them into the Koheras ACOUSTIK platform for easy creation of customized turnkey laser systems – ideal for cold atom and ion-based applications. Come see them!

White Light Fiber Lasers

Compact and cost-effective

The SuperK EVO is our compact industrial white light fiber laser. This laser is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to traditional light sources. We recommend it for sorting, characterization, metrology, and other innovative applications.

The world’s broadest tunable laser

The SuperK CHROMATUNE is a pulsed fiber laser you can tune from 400-1000 nm. It’s maintenance-free and easy to use. Ideal for optical characterization, microscopy, spectroscopy, and lifetime imaging.

Diffraction-limited light 

The SuperK FIANIUM gives you broadband diffraction-limited light from 390-2400 nm. Use it with one of our tunable filters for bio-imaging and microscopy.

See live demonstrations of all three SuperK lasers at our booth.

Femtosecond Lasers

Unlocking brain mysteries

Neuroscientists use our aeroPULSE femtosecond lasers for two-photon holographic optogenetics to stimulate neurons deep in the brain with high precision and minimal invasion. Our lasers empower neuroscientists to replicate natural signaling patterns and explore the progression of neural signals across different parts of the brain.

Our hollow-core fiber technology makes it possible to see neural signals in freely moving mice and streamlines multiphoton imaging by sending high-energy pulses directly to the microscope. This saves valuable space and reduces the need for frequent adjustments.

The aeroPULSE lasers are robust, reliable, and maintenance-free – an essential photostimulation tool in any optogenetics lab!

Compact ultrafast lasers for integration

Come by to see our most popular femtosecond lasers – the all-fiber aeroPULSE FS10 and the solid-state ORIGAMI XP. Compact, air-cooled, and designed for easy integration.

The lasers are produced according to our ISO 13485-accredited manufacturing system. The new fiber-delivery option – based on our proprietary hollow-core photonic crystal fibers – gives you robust, flexible, and polarization-maintaining beam delivery.

Fibers & Gain Modules

Innovative fiber solutions 

Fibers are the heart of everything we do! As always, we’ve brought a wide selection of our raw fibers and gain modules

At our booth, you can see the ytterbium and thulium-doped double-clad fibers (the ones with the largest single-mode cores in the world), the hollow-core photonic bandgap fibers, the large mode area photonic crystal fibers, and the high-power ytterbium fiber gain modules for OEM integration.

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See you at booth 8401/3401

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