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At NKT Photonics (NKTP), we understand the importance of treating the personal data of our customers and visitors to our website in a confidential and private manner. NKTP is committed to following the requirements and obligations in relation to data privacy in accordance with applicable law, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Therefore, we have secure and adequate data processing procedures in place.
NKTP only collect personal information provided voluntary and with the consent by online visitors, customers or others.
On our sites, NKTP inform about our policies on personal data, use, storage and disclosure in accordance with applicable law or professional standards. Our Data Privacy Policy applies to all services and processes via our website and on our Social Media platforms.
NKTP collects information for various purposes and only retain the information for as long as necessary.
We recommend that you read our Data Privacy Policy carefully and contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding personal data. If you do not agree with our Data Privacy Policy, please do not provide your personal data on our website and delete cookies placed by the website.


We collect and use data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
NKTP collects data with the consent of customers or visitors and process information as set in this Data Privacy Policy. Before collecting any personal data, we describe the purpose of collecting personal data. Collected data can a.o. contain your name, e-mail, telephone number, address, username, password and any other information that you provide to NKT.
NKTP only collects sensitive data when it is relevant for a processing purpose and it has been voluntarily provided by an individual, or where such data is relevant or provided in accordance with law or professional standards. Sensitive data includes personal information about an individual’s race, ethnicity, religious or philosophical beliefs, political opinions, sexual orientation, physical or mental health, trade union memberships or criminal records.
If the sensitive data is not required for a specific purpose, we will delete any such data immediately.
NKTP use personal data and other provided information for previously established and agreed purposes only. Personal data is collected proportionally and stored until it is necessary to use such data for a specific purpose.


NKTP needs to ensure that the personal data we store is correct and up to date. You should immediately notify NKTP of any changes to your personal data or if data that we possess is inaccurate. NKTP will take immediate steps to update or delete incorrect data.
You may at any time request access to information on your personal data as stored by NKTP. You may also request your personal data to be deleted from NKTP’s systems. Following your request, NKTP will within reasonable time provide you with information your personal data or delete your personal data as requested.
You may inform us if you wish to revoke your consent at any time. You may also oppose to NKTP using your personal data in a particular situation. You can always inform us by sending an e-mail to our Legal Department.


We do not share your personal data with anyone outside of NKTP or with unaffiliated third persons, except for legitimate grounds or necessary to carry out your requests.
You may request NKTP to transfer your personal data to other companies or third parties. Please keep in mind that once we have transferred your personal data, NKTP will not be responsible for the other companies’ privacy policies.


NKTP ensure that data is kept and processed in a strictly confidential manner. Personal data is not sold or disclosed to third parties. NKTP have implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure personal data security. We do not guarantee the security of any data you transmit to us and you do so at your own risk.


General information about cookies
NKTP uses cookies to improve the usability and functionality of the website. When you visit our website, you accept that NKTP uses cookies as described below, unless you have altered the settings or your browser to not accept cookies. In this cookie policy, you can obtain clear and detailed information about what cookies are, how we use them, what information we collect, and who gets access to it.
By using our sites, you accept that NKTP uses cookies as described below, unless you have opted out of cookies in your browser. If you have not opted out of cookies at the time of the submission of consent, you have the right to withdraw the consent by blocking cookies in your web browser. For further information on how to block and delete cookies, please see section below.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, which the Website places on your computer’s hard drive, smartphone or other electronic device. However, the meaning of the word “cookies” in this policy and in the consent text also includes other kinds of automated data collection, e.g. Flash-cookies (Local Shared Ob-jects), Web Storage (HTML5), JavaScript’s or cookies placed by the used of other kinds of software. The word “cookies” also refers to information about MAC-addresses and other information about your device.
There are basically two types of cookies, “temporary” cookies and “permanent” cookies. The temporary cookies are linked to the current visit to the Website and are deleted automatically, when you close your web browser. In contrast, permanent cookies will be stored on your equipment. Permanent cookies delete themselves after a certain period of time,but will be renewed every time you visit the Website.
See section below for more information on what kind of cookies we are using and the purposes of our use of cookies.

What cookies are used on

At NKTP we use cookies to determine how visitors use our site so that we can optimize the experience. We cannot make an identification of you as a user based on our cookies, because the information is collected in an anonymous form. We will not disclose this information to third parties.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics monitors the user’s behavior. Below are listed the various cookies used by Google Analytics:
Utma: keeps track of the number of visits you make to the site (stored on your PC for 2 years).
Utmb and Utmc: calculates how long you spend on our website in each session (Utmb is stored on your PC for 30 minutes while Utmc is deleted from your PC when you leave our website).
Utmz: sees which search engine you use and what search terms you used (stored on your PC for 6 months).
Tag Manager: To be able to continuously meet our customers’ needs, we use a tag manager to track the amount of pdf/document downloads on the website.

How do I delete or opt out of cookies?

You have the option to delete the cookies that are on your PC and you can choose to opt out of accepting the use of cookies in the future. You can do this by changing the settings in your browser. How to do so depends on what kind of browser you are using and can be looked up in every search engine. Be aware that if you are using multiple browsers you will have to delete the cookies in all of them. As user, you also need to be aware that the Website might not function optimally if you delete or block cookies.


On our website, you may subscribe to receive our newsletter. We will collect and use the email address you indicate for providing you with the newsletter.
If you wish to receive a customized newsletter, you may provide us with the following additional information:

Name and surname
Subject(s) of interest

You may at any time with future effect revoke your consent to receive our newsletter. To declare that you wish to unsubscribe, you may use the respective link included in all newsletters or send an email to


The Website may incorporate links which allow you to connect to other websites run both by other companies within the NKTP Group and by third parties. We assume no responsibility regarding the processing of personal data which may take place through and/or in connection with third parties’ websites.
Therefore, each user who accesses such websites and/or social platforms through our website must carefully read the relevant privacy policies in order to better understand how their personal data will be processed by the third parties which, as autonomous controllers, will provide and manage such websites.


If you have any questions regarding our Data Privacy Policy, please contact our Data Controller:

NKT Photonics A/S, Bregneroedvej 144,
3460 Birkeroed, Denmark,
Reg. No: 10048265
Email: DataPrivacy[AT]


NKTP has the right to modify the Data Privacy Policy regarding new technologies, regulatory requirements or other purposes. For this reason, please visit this page periodically. Below is highlighted the date when the last version of this policy has been uploaded.

Last Update: October 2020