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Here is where you can find our technical support and software and drivers for download.

Our products are designed to be as easy to use as possible and we aim at making everything as transparent as we can. However, if you need us, we will go out of our way to help.

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Do you have technical questions about your product? Something not working? We got your back! Contact our competent technical support.

CONTROL software

For control of our lasers and filters we recommend the NKT Photonics CONTROL software. CONTROL is compatible with MS Windows 7, 8, and 10, and all latest generation NKT Photonics lasers and accessories.

SuperK: FIANIUM, EXTREME, EVO, EVO HP, COMPACT, all filtering accessories

Koheras: BASIK (older versions use GraphiK software), ACOUSTIK with BASIK, BASIK MIKRO, ADJUSTIK, BOOSTIK Line card

aeroPULSE ultrafast lasers

ORIGAMI XPS 5.0 ultrafast lasers


Koheras HARMONIK UV CONTROL software for modules H31, H40, and H55.

Koheras HARMONIK SFG-xFG CONTROL software for modules H53, H63, H76, H78, and H81.


OF300-0XX-200, OF300-0XX-210, OF300-0XX-220, OF300-0XX-230


The NKT Photonics Software Development Kit contains documentation and tools for advanced control of all our laser and filter products.


Our firmware updater tool handles all laser firmware updates.


Use this USB driver for all our lasers equipped with USB communication.

PiLAS software interface

Use this USB driver to communicate with any PiLAS laser.

Legacy software

Download older versions of our CONTROL software for previous generations of hardware.