Koheras ACOUSTIK – modular line card fiber laser

The Koheras ACOUSTIK is a rack or table-mounted 16-slot modular laser system. It integrates multiple Koheras BASIK fiber laser modules and up to two BOOSTIK amplifier modules. To make integration easy, the ACOUSTIK provides power and control to all modules.

Mix and match wavelengths in the 1 and 1.5 µm range to suit your application and upgrade to more channels when you need them. The ACOUSTIK has a fan-less, robust industrial design.

Key Features

Integration of BASIK and BOOSTIK

Build-in power supply

Slice 1

Controls up to 16 BASIK modules

Slice 1

Controls up to 2 BOOSTIK modules

Robust industrial design

Fan-less design

Compatible line cards

Design your own ACOUSTIK fiber laser system by mixing and matching BASIK fiber lasers and BOOSTIK amplifiers. Everything is available in the Erbium and Ytterbium band.

Want to know more?

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The ACOUSTIK system delivers linewidth and noise performance normally only found in large scientific laser systems in a much more robust and modular system.

Instead of investing in several stand-alone lasers, you can configure your ACOUSTIK to suit your needs in terms of wavelengths, power, and noise properties – you can even change it on the fly as your needs change.

And everything can be controlled with our user-friendly CONTROL software.

Want more details?

If you want more details about phase noise, spectral linewidth, frequency stability, or how to wavelength tune your Koheras laser, we have some application notes for you.

Laser phase noise is a frequency-domain view of the noise spectrum around the laser signal. Read more about phase noise in single-frequency lasers.

Spectral linewidth is a measure of the spectral content of the laser light. Read more about linewidth measurement methods.

The laser’s frequency stability is often described in terms of its spectral linewidth. However, this term lacks detail about the laser frequency noise which is often critical in laser applications. Read the analysis of the laser frequency stability using beat-note measurement.

The wavelength of the laser is controlled by the temperature and strain of the DFB cavity. Learn how to tune your Koheras laser.


Choose model:
Dimensions (WxHxL)
483 x 128.5 x 302.5 mm (19”- 3U)
6.5-8.5 kg
Operating temperature 1)
+15 to +60°C
Storage temperature
-20 to +70°C
Humidity non-condensing
0-70 %RH

1) Module temperature.

Power supply requirements [VDC]
90-263 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Digital interface
USB 2.0 and Ethernet
Fast modulation drive voltage
Differential 2×5 V, common-mode 2.5 V