Barium ion control

We have designed the new Koheras ADJUSTIK T20 1762.17 nm to address the 6S to 5D transition in barium ions.

Barium ions are referred to as Goldilocks qubits because their properties are fitting for quantum computing. It is easy to manipulate the electrons in barium ions with laser beams to use them as qubits.

Also, barium ions have long coherence times, which means that they can maintain their quantum state for a long time, relatively. Most of the wavelengths you need to manipulate the ions are within the visible spectrum, except for 1762 nm. The options for reliable and narrow linewidth light at 1762 nm were quite limited – until now.

The new Koheras ADJUSTIK HP T20 was designed specifically with the 6S to 5D transition in barium in mind. Use it for qubit manipulation, quantum sensing, sympathetic cooling, or any other 1762 nm laser-cooling your heart desires.

With the T20, you get a laser that offers robust single-frequency operation, a narrow linewidth of less than 20 kHz, and a high power of 500 mW at 1762 nm. Its environmental insensitivity is superior to, e.g., diode lasers.

Based on our industrial BASIK DFB fiber lasers, the ADJUSTIK HP T20 is an all-fiber, low-noise, single-mode, mode hop-free laser with free-running sub-kHz linewidth.

This laser is robust enough for oil rigs yet sophisticated enough for the lab

Our fiber laser design is inherently compact and robust. It is developed for a lifetime of above 10 years in demanding environments where uptime is critical. With failure rates lower than 1%, we proudly deliver the most reliable low-noise lasers on the market. Alignment-free and maintenance-free.

The industrial-grade OEM lasers have a rugged design, a stable performance unaffected by changing environmental conditions, and wide temperature ranges in the field as well as the lab.

We have more than 15,000 Koheras lasers deployed in the harshest environments on – and off – the planet. We have lasers on oil rigs, submarines, wind turbines, and even in space. With over 20 years of experience, we know they last. Also in your lab.

Unique fiber delivery system 

Do you want to mount the laser system in a rack? No problem. With our unique fiber delivery system, aeroGUIDE POWER, you can get light wherever you want. The fiber delivery solution handles high power, preserves the low-noise laser properties, and delivers single-mode light at all wavelengths.  

Our quantum engagements

We are part of the European Quantum Flagship, the European Quantum Industry Consortium, the Quantum Economic Development Consortium, and the Danish Quantum Community.