The SuperK series is an industry-leading range of turn-key supercontinuum white light lasers used by the most innovative companies within bio-imaging, semiconductor inspection, sorting, device characterization, and scientific instrumentation.

What is a supercontinuum laser?

Light from a supercontinuum white light laser diffracted through a prismImagine the brightness of a laser with the spectrum of a lamp. Our SuperK lasers deliver bright diffraction limited light from 390-2400 nm. Fiber delivered and collimated. You even get MHz picosecond pulses with tunable repetition rate and adjustable delay. Add one of our filters and you now have an ultra broadband tunable laser.

The sources are robust and reliable, built for intensive use, and can replace multiple single-line lasers as well as broadband sources like ASE sources, SLEDs and lamps.

Learn more about supercontinuum white light lasers in our quick 3 min intro video here


Find the right laser for you

Our supercontinuum lasers come in a range of power levels and spectral coverage.

SuperK FIANIUM supercontinuum white light laser SuperK EVO industrial supercontinuum white light laser SuperK COMPACT supercontinuum white light laser

High end lasers

Select the FIANIUM series if you need maximum wavelength coverage, high power, and lots of functionality such as variable rep rate.

Great for bio-imaging or advanced material characterization.

Industrial OEM lasers

Looking for high end performance for industrial integration? The SuperK EVO series is for you.

Ideal for sorting, device characterization, and other industrial applications as well as bio-medical applications like microscopy and endoscopy.

Entry level lasers

Choose the COMPACT series if you need less power in a cost-effective and compact solution.

Perfect for starting out and compatible with the same filters as the high end lasers so you can upgrade to a bigger laser later.

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The SuperK FIANIUM OCT series share the same robust platform as our standard SuperK FIANIUM systems and runs 24/7. They are broadband, low-noise sources designed for optical coherence tomography. Paired with a broadband spectrometer, these sources give the same performance as Ti:Sapphire-based OCT systems at much lower cost, smaller footprint, great mobility, and robustness. Read more

SuperK FIANIUM supercontinuum lasers

The SuperK FIANIUM supercontinuum white light lasers are broad as a lamp and bright as a laser. They deliver high brightness diffraction-limited light in the entire 390-2400 nm region. By adding one of our filters, the SuperK can be converted into an ultra-tunable laser. Our supercontinuum lasers are maintenance-free and the monolithic fiber architecture ensures excellent reliability and a lifetime of thousands of hours. Read more

SuperK EVO industrial supercontinuum lasers

The SuperK EVO supercontinuum white light lasers are cost-efficient lasers based on our extremely reliable fiber laser technology. The lasers deliver high brightness light in the entire 400-2400 nm range covering both the VIS and nIR range. They are stable, reliable, maintenance-free, and ensure a low cost of ownership - perfect for OEM integration in demanding commercial applications where they replace lamps, LEDs, ASE sources and single-line lasers. Read more


SuperK COMPACT supercontinuum lasers

The SuperK COMPACT is a cost-effective supercontinuum white light source delivering diffraction-limited light in the entire 450-2400 nm region with a brightness several orders of magnitude larger than that of incandescent lamps and with far greater bandwidth than ASE sources or SLEDs. The light is delivered in a single-mode fiber terminated with either a standard FC/PC connector or our high-quality collimator. Read more

SuperK SELECT multi line AOTF filter

SuperK SELECT tunable multi-line filter

The SuperK SELECT is a tunable multi-wavelength filter based on Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter technology (AOTF). AOTFs tune over one octave of optical frequency and the SuperK SELECT allows the integration of two AOTF crystals to provide wide spectral coverage. The SuperK SELECT provides an easy-to-use, flexible, and accurate tuning accessory to access any wavelength in the SuperK spectrum. Read more

SuperK VARIA tunable filter

SuperK VARIA tunable filter

The SuperK VARIA is a cost effective and flexible alternative to a monochromator, effectively turning the SuperK supercontinuum laser into a powerful single-line laser with a 440 nm tuning range and variable bandwidth. The center wavelength of the pass band can be tuned anywhere between 400 and 840 nm and the bandwidth is variable between 10 and 100 nm, making the SuperK VARIA the most flexible filter solution on the market. Read more

LLTF tunable high contrast filter

The LLTF Contrast is a continuously tunable high-resolution bandpass filter that effectively converts an NKT Photonics’ supercontinuum source into a widely tunable picosecond laser. The filter transmits - with high efficiency - a single laser line while blocking unwanted lines with excellent out-of-band suppression. Read more

SuperK SPLIT spectral splitter

The SuperK SPLIT is a passive filter which allows the SuperK spectrum to be divided into two spectral outputs. This is important in applications where light from one sub-area of the spectrum is desired and light outside this spectrum is parasitic. Read more


SuperK CONNECT broadband fiber delivery

SuperK CONNECT is a unique high performance fiber delivery system complete with broadband fibers and a range of termination options such as FC/PC connectors or collimators. Interfacing is handled by the CONNECT precision fiber coupling unit that ensure easy and stable single-mode coupling that can be disconnected and reconnected without alignment. Read more

SuperK Parts

All the small parts that go with your SuperK laser such as adaptors, collimator holders, filter holders, spare keys... Read more