Meet our new lasers at Laser Munich 2023!

What have you been up to since the last Laser Munich? We have been inventing, innovating, and improving – and we can’t wait to show you!

Here are some of the lasers we’ll be presenting. And there’s more!

Drop by booth B2.219 to see it all – or just to say hi.

World’s first PM fiber-delivered ultrafast laser

See the world’s first PM fiber-delivered laser solution! 

Our new integrated fiber delivery gives you a steady polarized single-mode output for your ultrafast lasers. Use it with our ORIGAMI and aeroPULSE laser platforms.

You get:

  • Bend-resistant PM fiber delivery
  • Excellent single-mode beam performance
  • Stable output

Come by our booth to hear more!

New fiber laser for 1762 nm Ba ion excitation

Did you already hear about our new Koheras ADJUSTIK HP T20?

With the T20, you get a laser with robust single-frequency operation, a narrow linewidth of 10 kHz, and a high power of 500 mW at 1762 nm. Its environmental insensitivity is superior to, e.g., diode lasers. It is designed specifically with the 6S to 5D transition in barium in mind. Use it for qubit manipulation, quantum sensing, sympathetic cooling, etc.

PS: It has been nominated for an Innovation Award as one of three nominees in the Quantum Technologies category. Keep your fingers crossed!

Live demo: The world’s broadest tunable laser

Maybe you’ve already seen the SuperK CHROMATUNE. It’s a pulsed, tunable fiber laser with an unmatched 400-1000 nm tuning range. Others use it for microscopy, spectroscopy, lifetime imaging, and optical characterization.

At our booth, you can see a live demo, and take a peek inside to see the cool technology at work.

Live demo: Broadband filter for fluorescence imaging

See the live set-up! How to use the SuperK FIANIUM white light laser with our broadband tunable SELECT filter to create a versatile set-up for fluorescence imaging applications.

Live demo: SuperK lasers for test & measurement

Our range of SuperK EVO industrial white light lasers is the ideal replacement for LEDs, halogen lamps, and other traditional broadband light sources.

If you’re working with hyperspectral imaging or device characterization, then come have a look at our live displays of broadband light filtering, beam shaping, and light delivery capabilities for line and area illumination.

New Koheras BOOSTIK HP – more than just a pretty face

Same name, new look! We’ve redesigned the new Koheras BOOSTIK HP from the ground up. You get ultra-low noise, narrow linewidth, and high power!
With industrial reliability, this laser is robust enough for oil rigs yet sophisticated enough for the lab.

250 W power in the new aeroGAIN-ROD

We have improved the aeroGAIN-ROD fiber module! The new ROD is rated for an average power of 250 W – a whopping 2.5 times more than the current version. We have also increased pump absorption by ≈15 % but the fiber geometry and mechanical form factor remain the same. 

With high beam quality and large effective area, our active ROD photonic crystal fibers are ideal for high-power ultrafast laser applications. 

The booth party is Wednesday

Wednesday, 28 June, at 5 PM, join us for hygge, beer, and some very lively live music. Konnexion Balkon will be playing. Dancing is optional, but beware, even hard-core non-dancers have been seen tapping their feet.

Come by our booth to get your invitation.

Meet the researchers

Three of our researchers will present their latest work at CLEO/Europe.

High-speed imaging of biological tissue

Our Ph.D. student, Sacha Grelet, presents the paper “10 MHz swept-source for optical coherence tomography at 1050 nm”.

Sacha will present how the group used our ORIGAMI low-noise femtosecond laser to enable high-speed OCT at 1050 nm – a wavelength suitable for imaging biological tissue such as eyes and skin.

The paper was prepared by Sacha Grelet and Patrick Bowen Montague from NKT Photonics, and Adrian Podoleanu from the University of Kent.

When: Monday, 26 June at 9 AM, CH-1.3
Where: Room 14b ICM

Stable soliton comb from dual ring microresonators

Our Ph.D. student, Anamika Karunakaran, presents the poster “Stable soliton comb from dual ring microresonators”.

Anamika will present how they used our Koheras BASIK low-noise single-frequency Koheras laser at 1550 nm to generate frequency combs that are stable for up to 5 hours. These combs are generated from microresonators with a comb line spacing of 100 GHz and bandwidth of 100 nm. Join the poster session to learn more.

The poster was prepared by Anamika Karunakaran, Angelo Manetta, Poul Varming, Patrick Montague from NKT Photonics, and Kresten Yvind from DTU. 

When: Tuesday, 27 June from 2-3 PM, CK-P.35
Where: Hall B0, Ground Floor, Congress Centre

Thulium fiber lasers for quantum applications

Our Ph.D. student, Andrea Pertoldi, presents the poster “Thulium fiber lasers for quantum applications”.

Andrea is working on a custom line of Koheras BASIK lasers and BOOSTIK amplifiers that operate at the edges of the thulium emission range. The aim is to improve cold strontium and barium atoms experiments.

The combination of low-noise seed lasers and high-power amplifiers with various frequency conversion schemes offers unprecedented flexibility in delivering the wavelengths required for addressing specific atomic transitions: 1762 nm, 1970 nm, 2052 nm, and 2095 nm.

The poster was prepared by Andrea Pertoldi, Poul Varming, Jakob Hauge, and Patrick Montague from NKT Photonics.

When: Friday, 30 June from 2-3 PM, CJ-P.22
Where: Hall B0, Ground Floor, Congress Centre

Ultracold cloud of neutral Sr-88 atoms ready for quantum experiments such as BEC or super-radiant lasing. Courtesy of Quantum Metrology Group, NBI, University of Copenhagen.

Fiber lasers in quantum optics

Our Head of Quantum, Asger Sellerup Jensen, will present why our Koheras DFB fiber lasers are perfect for low-noise operation in quantum optics.

Through frequency-conversion, our super stable Koheras HARMONIK and Koheras ADJUSTIK fiber laser systems give you high power, narrow linewidth, and low-noise light at 317, 399, 532, 556, 638, 770, 780, 813, 840, 1064, and 1762 nm.

When: Thursday, 29 June at 9:10
Where: Forum World of QUANTUM

See you at booth B2.219

What would you like to know about lasers and specialty fibers? Bring your questions to booth B2.219.

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