Hyperspectral Imaging

Hyperspectral imaging is the simultaneous collection of quantitative spatial and spectral information. It is becoming an essential technique in many applications from food and recycling sorting to medical imaging and semiconductor metrology.

In any hyperspectral imaging system, the quality of the measurement depends on the camera and data processing but also on the illumination design. In many applications, ambient light or direct illumination with incandescent lamps will not provide the required performance. You need a more advanced light source. Our SuperK white light lasers offer a range of advantages to improve resolution, signal to noise, reliability, and throughput of hyperspectral imaging systems.

Wide and stable spectrum

To make reliable, repeatable measurements, you need a light source that covers the full spectral window with high brightness and a stable spectrum. White light lasers have a broadband spectrum covering visible, nIR, and SWIR wavelengths from less than 400 nm to beyond 2500 nm. Unlike LEDs, white light lasers have no wavelength “gaps”. Because the spectrum is relatively flat compared to lamps, the signal-to-noise ratio and heat control are easily managed.

Several of our SuperK systems are based on reliable industrial-grade fiber lasers with the demonstrated service-free operation of more than 10,000 hours.

Ultimate brightness

Uniquely among broadband light sources, white light lasers have a perfectly collimated laser beam output with an M-square of 1.1 across all wavelengths. The brightness is consequently many times higher than any comparative incoherent sources giving more signal – even from diffuse, opaque, and scattering materials. If you use a focussed laser spot or line, the laser’s single-mode beam also opens the possibility of ultra-high-resolution imaging.

In addition, several 3D measurement techniques can be implemented, including:

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