Koheras BOOSTIK HP high power, low-noise single frequency lasers

The Koheras BOOSTIK HP is a maintenance-free single frequency fiber laser with a unique combination of narrow linewidth, excellent beam quality and high output power.

The turn-key 19″ rack system includes control electronics and power supply and is ideal for laboratory work and experimental research e.g. in metrology.

You can choose the operating wavelength of the BOOSTIK HP system freely in the 1 or 1.5 µm range, and the excellent beam quality enables efficient frequency conversion (see figure below for examples).

The combination of ultra-low noise, narrow linewidth, and high power output makes the Koheras BOOSTIK HP laser a highly versatile system for a long-range of applications such as optical length and frequency standards, Quantum optics/computing & phenomena (optical trapping, optical lattice, Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC), atom interferometer, squeezing), Nonlinear optics pump source (SHG, DFG, OPO), laser-based metrology (precision laser interferometry, spectroscopy), optical heterodyning and coherent communication and coherent beam combining.


  • Up to 15 W output power at 1 or 1.5 μmKoheras BOOSTIK frequency conversion
  • Single frequency, narrow linewidth
  • Ultra-low frequency and intensity noise
  • Wide wavelength tuning & kHz modulation
  • Excellent beam quality ideal for frequency conversion
  • Optically isolated
  • Robust, maintenance-free fiber laser


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Seeder options

Model Standard Wavelength Others Wavelengths Output power PM Fast modulation
E15 1550.12 nm 1550 - 1570 nm 2, 5, 10 or 15 W Yes * Yes
Y10 1064.00 nm 1050 - 1090 nm 2, 5, 10 or 15 W Yes Yes

*Available with non-PM output for 2W

The system is available with three types of ADJUSTIK seeders:

E15: Is an Erbium doped fiber laser system for operation in the 1550-1570 nm wavelength range offering the lowest phase and frequency noise and narrowest linewidth of the entire laser portfolio. It is often deployed for interferometric sensor applications demanding 10s of kilometers of coherence length and ultra-high frequency stability.

Y10: Ytterbium-doped fiber laser system for operation in the 1050-1090 nm wavelength range with narrow linewidth and low intensity noise. This laser is commonly used for laser stabilisation, atomic physics, spectroscopy, fusion energy, general replacement of conventional Nd:YAG lasers, and many other applications.

Tuning and PM Options

  • PM operation: The output of the fiber laser systems is per default Single Mode Fiber and PM (Polarisation Maintaing) output ensures a fixed orientation of the polarisation. This may be required whenever the laser output needs to be externally modulated or to be used with PM sensitive devices.
  • Thermal wavelength tuning: The fiber laser systems are per default thermally tunable to enable the user to match and stabilise the laser at a certain wavelength.
  • Piezo-electric wavelength tuning: Piezo tuning capability enables the user to frequency stabilize the laser wavelength to an external reference such as an atomic transition or interferometer to obtain even higher laser stability than provided by the thermal control.

Multi output

Koheras_BOOSTIK_multi-frontFor applications where several outputs with the same wavelength are needed, the BOOSTIK HP system can be configured with up to 16 separate outputs. The multi-output configuration has the same low noise characteristics as the single output configuration and comes with the same narrow linewidth. For applications requiring multiple outputs at different wavelengths, please see the Koheras ACOUSTIK multi-channel systems.

For more info on multi-output configurations, please contact us.


E15 Y10
Center wavelength [nm] 1) 1550-1570, optionally other 1050-1090, optionally lower
Laser emission CW - inherently single frequency CW - inherently single frequency
Beam quality (2W output) M² < 1.1 M² < 1.1
Beam quality (≥5W output) M² < 1.1 M² < 1.3
Output power [W]km 2)  2, 5, 10 or 15 2,  5, 10 or 15
Output power regulation [%]km 3) 30-100 30-100
Linewidth [kHz] < 1 < 20, optionally lower
Linewidth (Lorentzian) [kHz] < 0.1 -
Phase-noise [µrad/√Hz] 1m opt. path <2@100 Hz, 0.8@1 kHz, 0.4@10 kHz NA
RIN peak [MHz] app. 0.7 app. 1.5
RIN level [dBc/Hz]km 4) <-100@peak/<-135 @ 10MHz <-105@peak/ <-140 @ 10 MHz
Long term stability (RMS, 1h@25°C) [%]km 5) <+/- 2 % <+/- 2 %
Optical S/N [dB] (50 pm res.) > 50 (depending on wavelength) > 50 (depending on wavelength)
Polarization Linear (PM) Linear (PM)
Min. thermal wavelength tuning range [pm] +/- 350 +/- 240
Total thermal wavelength tuning range [pm] 1000 700
Fast wavelength modulation range [GHz] 8 10
Fast wavelength modulation [kHz] Up to 20 Up to 20
Optical monitor output (from seed) FC/APC FC/APC
Output fiber termination (2W output) FC/APC FC/APC & Collimator
Output fiber termination (≥5W output) Collimator Collimator
Typical beam diameter @1/e² 2W: FC/APC
5, 10 W: ~2mm
2W: FC/APC / < 2.2 mm
5, 10, 15W: < 1 mm
Output isolation [dB] > 35 > 30

1) The center wavelenght is selectable within the specified range. For options outside range, please contact us.
2) Depends on center wavelenght
3) Range can be larger depending on center wavelenght and output power
4) Shot-noise limited > 5 MHz.
5) After warm up (10-20 min)


Power supply requirements [VAC] 100-240, 50-60 Hz
Digital interface USB 2.0, Ethernet 10/100
Frequency modulation DB9 (male), differential 2x5 V
Fiber output type FC/APC
Fiber pigtail length [m] App. 1
Monitor output Yes (FC/APC bulkhead)
Dimensions (HxWxD) [mm] 49 x 447 x 386 (19” 1U)
Weight [kg] App. 6
Power supply requirements [VDC] 90-240 VAC; 50-60 Hz
Fiber pigtail length [m] > 1
Connectors FC/APC or collimated
Dimensions (HxWxD) [mm] 132x448x451 (19” 3U)
Operating temperature range [˚C] 15 - 35
Storage temperature range [˚C] 0 - 50
Weight [kg] < 13

Mechanical - ADJUSTIK seeder

Koheras BOOSTIK seeder mechanical drawing front view Koheras BOOSTIK seeder mechanical drawing top view

Mechanical - BOOSTIK HP amplifier

Koheras BOOSTIK amplifier mechanical drawing side view Koheras BOOSTIK amplifier mechanical drawing front view
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