Koheras ACOUSTIK modular fiber laser

Koheras ACOUSTIK provides rack integration of up to 16 Koheras BASIK single frequency low noise fiber lasers and two matching BOOSTIK line card amplifiers. The ACOUSTIK provides power and control to all modules for easy integration and channels can be added or changed as needed. Mix and match wavelengths in the 1 and 1.5 µm range to suit your application and upgrade to more channels when you need them.


The ACOUSTIK system delivers linewidth and noise performance normally only found in large scientific laser systems in a much more robust and modular system. Instead of investing in several stand-alone lasers, you can configure your ACOUSTIK to suit your needs in terms of wavelengths, power, and noise properties – you can even change it on the fly as your needs change. And everything can be controlled from our user-friendly NKT CONTROL software.

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Compatible modules

The Koheras ADJUSTIK is compatible with all our four flavors of BASIK single frequency laser modules as well as our BOOSTIK line card amplifiers. You can install up to 16 BASIK lasers in one rack and up to two BOOSTIK modules.

Koheras BASIK single-frequency fiber laser Koheras BOOSTIK single-frequency fiber amplifier linecard

BASIK single-frequency fiber lasers

The BASIK lasers are the pinnacle of industrial low noise Erbium and Ytterbium lasers. Thy have ultra low phase noise and Hz-range linewidth normally only found in costly scientific systems, and they offer ultra stable performance free of mode-hops, and with unrivaled reliability.

BOOSTIK fiber amplifier line cards

The BOOSTIK fiber amplifier line card is designed for operation in the 1545-1565 nm range. It is fully compatible with the BASIK E15 and C15 seed laser models and has an optical output power up to 2 W.

If you need even higher power than the line card modules can provide, you can combine the ADJUSTIK with an external BOOSTIK amplifier to boost the power up to 15W

For optical specifications please refer to the Koheras BASIK OEM modules.


Power supply requirements [VDC] 90-263 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Digital interface USB 2.0 and Ethernet
Fast modulation drive voltage Differential 2x5 V with common-mode voltage at 2.5 V
Dimensions (HxWxD) [mm] 483 x 128.5 x 302.5 mm (19”- 3U)
Weight [kg] 6.5-8.5


Operating temperature range 15 - 60 °C (module case temperature)
Storage temperature range -20 - 70 °C
Humidity non condensing 0-70 %RH
Koheras ACOUSTIK mechanical drawing front view Koheras ACOUSTIK mechanical drawing top view
All NKT Photonics products are produced under our quality management system certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Force_ISO_logo Laser_warning_class_3B