Koheras lasers in new quantum communication project

CryptQ, a new Danish consortium, will develop a cost-effective quantum secured communication system over the next three years. Innovation Fund Denmark has invested 3 million euros in the development.

Connected World

The growing threat from cybercrime has increased the need for secure communications. We need to protect ourselves and be a step ahead of the criminals.

The new Danish consortium, CryptQ, will develop a technology that lets us send information securely through the regular fiber network. It is a challenge today, and the challenge will increase further when quantum computers become common.

CryptQ will build on existing Danish knowledge of quantum communications and use Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) to develop a secure and cost-effective quantum communication technology.

Low-noise Koheras lasers for quantum communication

Our Koheras low-noise single-frequency fiber laser modules typically target high-end/low-volume scientific applications. They provide the perfect combination of low-noise laser light and a very compact package – the best commercially available.

Koheras low-noise lasers are ideal for quantum communication. We strive to keep them at the forefront of innovations to address market needs for a more compact, low-cost, and energy-efficient laser. The low-noise light from our lasers is vital when transmitting the delicate quantum states that contain encrypted information.

In this project, we develop small low-noise chip-based lasers with nearly all the low-noise characteristics of the Koheras product line.

The EU and Denmark are investing in quantum technologies

In October 2018, the EU launched the Quantum Technologies Flagship aiming at bringing research institutions, industry, and public funders together to expand the European scientific leadership in quantum technologies.

In the ramp-up phase from October 2018 to September 2021, the EU distributes a total budget of 152 million euro across 24 projects within the areas of quantum computing, quantum simulation, quantum communication, and quantum metrology and sensing.

At NKT Photonics, we have a focus on quantum technologies. We are proud to be the only Danish company to participate in the projects launched by the Quantum Technologies Flagship and the largest Danish supplier of solutions for quantum technologies.

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