Solar cell characterization

Use a supercontinuum white light laser as a sun simulator to characterize solar cells.

Imagine the brightness of a laser with the spectrum of the sun!

Are you looking for a light source for solar cell characterizing? A bright and broad light source with high pointing stability and a single-mode profile?

You can get this and more from our SuperK supercontinuum white light lasers. They are ideal sunlight simulators.

High pointing stability is crucial when you direct light onto and perform measurements on tiny structures.

The single-mode beam profile lets you focus the light into tiny spot sizes as small as the structures you are characterizing.

Broadband and tunable

If you add a filter, you convert the SuperK laser into a tunable broadband light source. This way, you can simulate both the power and wavelength over a broad bandwidth and make absorption and transmission measurements on solar cells and other photovoltaic materials.

Our SuperK lasers give you bright diffraction-limited light from 390-2400 nm. Fiber delivered and collimated. You even get MHz picosecond pulses with tunable repetition rate and adjustable delay.

Reliability at the forefront

A maintenance-free lifetime of thousands of hours

The SuperK series is based on our world-renowned Crystal Fibre technology that has reliably delivered supercontinuum to commercial and academic users for over 15 years.

We have more than 60 SuperK supercontinuum white light lasers running in our test lab – day and night – to ensure that they meet industrial requirements.

Our lasers are fully fiber monolithic which ensures excellent reliability and a lifetime of thousands of hours – as well as maintenance-free and alignment-free operation.

Our industrial white light lasers typically run 24/7 for more than a full year without any service.