The new ORIGAMI 03XP gives you UV wavelength flexibility!

We have made the ORIGAMI XP even better! 

UV light purple

The new ORIGAMI 03-XP gives you extra wavelength flexibility.

Switch between IR/UV or IR/Green/UV

Pick the two-port model to switch between IR and UV or the three-port model to switch between IR, Green, and UV.

You still get the advantages of clean, femtosecond pulse output, excellent beam quality together with unprecedented beam stability thanks to the OptocageTM laser design.

The ORIGAMI 03XP has high reliability and a long lifetime performance. For more power and pulse energy, select the ORIGAMI 03XP-S.

Use it for micro-machining of sensitive materials with low heat affected zone, such as within display repair, flex PCB processing, and medical device manufacturing.

Watch the 03XP in action

Our Applications Lab has used the new 03XP UV femtosecond to laser mark 100 µm cyclic olefin copolymer (COC). See how it goes in the video.