Come see our new lasers at BiOS & Photonics West 2023

We are launching a range of new exciting fiber lasers at the show. Come see them at booth #3201 or read more below.

New! Fiber laser for 1762 nm Ba ion excitation

Optimized for Ba+138 at 1762.17 nm​. High power. kHz linewidth​. Single-mode and mode-hop free. Fiber delivered output​.

We are launching a brand-new fiber laser for barium ion excitation at 1762 nm.

The Koheras ADJUSTIK HP T20 is designed specifically with the 6S to 5D transition in barium in mind. Use it for qubit manipulation, quantum sensing, sympathetic cooling, etc.

With the T20, you get a laser that offers robust single-frequency operation, a narrow linewidth of 10 kHz, and a high power of 500 mW at 1762 nm. Its environmental insensitivity is superior to, e.g., diode lasers.

New! Koheras BOOSTIK HP: Same name, all new and improved hardware

Redesigned from the ground up, the new Koheras BOOSTIK HP combines ultra-low noise, narrow linewidth, and high power. 

With industrial reliability, this laser is robust enough for oil rigs yet sophisticated enough for the lab.

New! The World’s broadest tunable laser

The new laser that gives you gap-free tuning from 400-1000 nm. A laser that is easy to use and lets you focus on your work.

This pulsed, tunable fiber laser gives you an unmatched 400-1000 nm tuning range. The SuperK CHROMATUNE is a laser that is easy to use and lets you focus on your work! Use it for microscopy, spectroscopy, lifetime imaging, optical characterization, and much more.

At our booth, you can see a live set-up or take a peek into a SuperK CHROMATUNE to see all the cool technology.

Improved! Higher pulse energy

This improved laser can now give you even higher pulse energy. Use this rugged high-power femtosecond laser for demanding 24/7 OEM and academic applications.

If you’re a fan of our high-power femtosecond laser, the aeroPULSE FS50, you may be happy to hear that it now offers the option to deliver higher pulse energy when tuning to lower repetition rates. 

This gives you flexibility in the processing of materials or for applications that require higher peak powers, as well as higher average power for higher throughput processing. 

Prism Awards finalist

We are so excited that our Koheras HARMONIK is one of three Prism Award finalists in the Laser Category! 

The HARMONIK is a range of UV/VIS/NIR fiber lasers that give you 10 W of power and narrow-linewidth, low-noise, and high-power – fiber-delivered if you want.

It is ideal for, e.g., quantum computing, optical clocks, Rydberg excitation, cold atom research, and atom interferometry because you get access to popular atomic transitions such as rubidium, strontium, barium, or ytterbium.

On the floor

We are out and about on the show floor. Meet us at:

The product demonstration of CHROMATUNE

Meet our Product Line Director, Jesper Toft Olsen, at the product demonstrations and see how to make the most of this laser.

When: Wednesday 1 Feb. from 12:30-1:00 PM PST
Where: Demo Area 1, Hall ABC

The paper on high-speed imaging of biological tissue

Our Ph.D. student, Sacha Grelet, will present the paper “Towards sub-5 µm axial resolution OCT from a multi-MHz swept source“. 

Sacha will present how the group has used our ORIGAMI low-noise femtosecond laser to enable high-speed imaging at a wavelength suitable for biological tissue such as eyes and skin.

When: Monday 30 Jan. from 10:45-11:00 AM PST
Where: Room 302, Level 3 South

The panel discussion on the quantum ecosystem

Interested in quantum technologies? Don’t miss the panel discussion “Quantum West: QED-C Quantum Marketplace and Solutions for Deployed Quantum 2.0” featuring our VP of Sales, Sascha Häuser.

When: Tuesday 31 Jan. from 2:30-4:15 PM PST
Where: Quantum Stage, Hall A Lobby, Exhibit Level South

See you at booth 3201

What would you like to know about lasers and specialty fibers? Bring your questions to booth 3201.

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