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Our SuperK high-intensity broadband light sources are ideal for bioimaging and life science applications that require a pulsed and diffraction-limited laser. The tunable laser gives you high brightness anywhere within the wavelength range of 390 to 2400 nm.

It is – among other applications – ideal for OCT, STED microscopy, cellular research, and lifetime imaging.

Medical applications

Our ultrafast lasers are widely used for the micro-machining of medical devices.

Their high power and ultra-short pulses enable them to deliver very precise results whether the application is nitinol stents, glass lab-on-a-chip, Unique Device Identification of medical instruments or ophthalmic applications.

Micro-machining and displays

Our ultrafast lasers are suitable for precise micromachining and cutting of transparent materials. Using ultra-short pulsed femtosecond lasers for micromachining eliminates post-processing steps and reduces the overall manufacturing cost. Due to the laser’s highly spatial selectivity, it can cut complex tiny 3D shapes – even in transparent materials.

Ultrafast lasers are ideal for IC package and thin-film cutting, glass cutting, wafer scribing, and FPD pixel repair to name a few applications.

Sorting and quality control

Our SuperK broadband high-intensity white light laser can be found in the most demanding industries such as semiconductor quality control, food sorting, and optical characterization.

The robust all-fiber design of our lasers makes them reliable and maintenance-free with a low cost of ownership when compared to alternative light sources such as ASE, halogen, and plasma sources. Use it, for instance, for optical or surface characterization, sorting, or general inspection.

Remote sensing

The Koheras single-frequency lasers are ideal for remote sensing due to their ultra-low phase and intensity noise. They ensure a narrow linewidth, very high stability, and a mode-hop-free inherently single-frequency output – even under harsh and changing environmental conditions.

Or do you need a turn-key distributed sensing system? Our LIOS Sensing product line offer distributed optical sensing for security, safety, and fire detection. Get continuous and accurate monitoring of temperature and strain over long distances – at the speed of light! Ideal for structural monitoring, perimeter security, wind sensing, or other industrial sensing applications.

Atomic, molecular, and quantum optics

With a narrow linewidth, ultra-low phase noise, and low RIN, the Koheras single-frequency lasers are ideal for atomic, molecular, and quantum optics. Originally designed for industrial applications, the highly reliable lasers are based on an all-fiber distributed feedback architecture to ensure long lifetimes and maintenance-free operation.

The HARMONIK second-generation module enables you to perform atomic state preparation, atomic trapping, and sub-Hz clock transitions as well as many other quantum phenomena.