See all the new products we launch at LASER Munich next week

Laser Munich is right around the corner and keeping with tradition, we will be launching new products at the exhibition. This year we don’t just have one launch, but an incredible 5 launches at the same time. Learn more about them below and come see them all at Laser Munich, Hall A3, 137.

High power industrial femtosecond ultrafast lasers

aeroPULSE FS60 industrial femtosecond laser

The aeroPULSE FS60 is our newest industrial high-power femtosecond fiber laser based on NKT Photonics’ renowned PCF technology.

The FS60 delivers 60 W average power with a pulse energy of up to 40 µJ at 1030 nm. Connect a field-attachable second-harmonic generation module to the aeroPULSE FS60 to obtain more than 30 W of switchable average power at 515 nm and pulse energies up to 20 µJ – all in an industrial and rugged design ready to take on demanding applications within micromachining in PCB manufacture, wafer scribing, surface structuring, and medical device manufacturing.

Onefive ORIGAMI XP UV femtosecond laser

We have upgraded our 1030 nm ORIGAMI XP femtosecond lasers with a third-harmonic generation module, and they are now available with UV output. Consequently, the ORIGAMI XP delivers average powers of >4 W at 1030 nm and > 1 W at 343 nm.

For maximum flexibility in material processing, the field-attachable third-harmonic generation module allows for switching between the IR and UV through software.

This is the first of several lasers that we will release as a result of our strategic partnership with Oxide Corporation of Japan, the world’s premier supplier of industrially reliable optical frequency conversion technology.

New industrial white light sources

SuperK EVO industrial white light source

The SuperK EVO is our newest member of the market-leading SuperK range of industrial supercontinuum white-light laser. Complementing our existing high-power SuperK EVO HP, the new slim EVO is a cost-effective alternative to traditional light sources used in the industry like LEDs, lamps, SLEDs, and ASE sources. Here the EVOs high reliability and a long lifetime ensure minimal service, and the resulting low total cost of ownership rivals and even undercuts traditional sources.

With superior brightness and ultra-wide spectral coverage, the EVO is ideal for optical device characterization, quality control, sorting and Test & Measurement.

More single-frequency power in a compact form factor

Koheras ADJUSTIK HP high power single-frequency laser

Our new Koheras ADJUSTIK HP has the same ultra-low noise and narrow linewidth as our well-known ADJUSTIK and BASIK single-frequency lasers, and it now provides up to 2 W output power. As a result, the high power ADJUSTIK HP is ideal for ultra-low-noise applications in metrology, atom physics, quantum research, and many more.

Oh, and despite the big power upgrade, it still comes in a slim 1 U package, ready to glide into your new setup.

Koheras BOOSTIK line card amplifier

The second new Koheras product is the compact KOHERAS BOOSTIK 2 W amplifier module. Designed as a line card, the new BOOSTIK module is ideal for use in our ACOUSTIK rack.

Here, it can amplify our E15 and C15 BASIK seeder modules up to 2 W, thereby creating a fully modular high-power multi-wavelength system. Mix and match seeders and amplifiers in the 1545-1565 nm range as you like, and create exactly the system you need.

Designed to preserve the ultra-low phase noise and low RIN of the Koheras seed lasers, it is the ideal choice for noise-sensitive applications in high precision metrology, laser cooling, quantum physics, and sensing.

Keep an eye out for more information on our new products and come by to see them all at Laser Munich, Hall A3, 137 (rumor has it that beers and music are on us Tuesday evening…).