Our Laser Munich 2023 summary

Couldn’t make it to LASER World of PHOTONICS? Or didn’t you make it to our booth? Here are some videos that sum it up.

The booth setup

The magical transformation from nothing to a populated booth.

Booth tour

Watch the video to browse through some of our products.

Product Line Director, Søren Løvgreen, presents our Koheras single-frequency fiber lasers for quantum and sensing applications.

Product Line Manager, Deepak Vijayakumar Nair, presents our tunable lasers for bio-imaging, the SuperK CHROMATUNE, and the SuperK FIANIUM with the tunable SELECT filter. You can even look inside a CHROMATUNE – through the transparent “sunroof”.

Why are fiber lasers ideal for quantum applications?

Our Head of Quantum, Asger Sellerup Jensen, presents why our Koheras DFB fiber lasers are ideal for cold atom applications such as atom trapping, atom cooling, and Rydberg atoms.

In the early days of quantum research, the focus was on the following laser specifications:

  • Narrow linewidth
  • Low noise
  • High beam quality

As quantum experiments are expanding to more commercial applications, the focus is also on:

  • High power
  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Support

Frequency conversion supplies the wavelengths needed for your work with cold atoms.

Our super stable Koheras HARMONIK and Koheras ADJUSTIK fiber laser systems give you high power, narrow linewidth, and low-noise light at 317, 399, 532, 556, 638, 770, 780, 813, 840, 1064, and 1762 nm.

Watch the video for more details, or see examples of quantum applications on our website.

“Join” our booth party

Wednesday afternoon, Konnexion Balkon played live music at our booth. We handed out 1,700 local beers in one hour!

See you next time

Bye-bye, and thanks for stopping by.

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