Imagine characterizing optical coatings at any wavelength

If you work with characterization of anti-reflective and highly reflective coatings, you know just how challenging it can be. But what if you could characterize your coatings with high accuracy and at any wavelength – at the click of a mouse?

Microscope gloves

Imagine measuring reflectivities up to 99.9995% and at any wavelength from 450 nm to 2000 nm.

A new reflectometer, the Glacier-C from Ultrafast Innovations, is based on a cavity ring-down system, our SuperK COMPACT supercontinuum white-light laser, and our SuperK SELECT tunable monochromator.

Read more about it, if you want to develop and characterize coatings, coating processes, highly reflective coatings, and low-loss anti-reflective coatings faster and easier.