Congratulations to CHROMATUNE and HARMONIK

Laser Focus World has awarded us two Innovators Awards!
Meet the winners.

This year, Laser Focus World received a record number of entries for its Innovators Awards. We are thrilled to see that our Koheras HARMONIK and SuperK CHROMATUNE both won gold awards.

A new laser platform for quantum applications

Our Koheras HARMONIK lasers for quantum applications give you performance like never before.

New wavelengths. Higher power. Lower noise. Narrow linewidth. Industrial reliability. ​

The World’s broadest tunable laser

Our SuperK CHROMATUNE is the World’s broadest tunable laser. It gives you gap-free tuning from 400-1000 nm.

It is flexible and easy to use – and lets you focus on your work.

Both products are Gold Honorees.

According to Laser Focus World, a Gold Honoree “recognizes an excellent innovation, the benefits of which are clear. A Gold-level Innovators Award recipient makes a substantial improvement over previous methods employed, approaches taken, or products/systems used.”

Head over to Laser Focus World to see all the award winners.