The World’s broadest tunable laser

SuperK CHROMATUNE is the new laser that gives you gap-free tuning from 400-1000 nm. Finally, a laser that is easy to use and lets you focus on your work.

Maybe saying that you will never need another laser is taking it too far, but … because of its extremely broad tuning range and constant 1 mW output power, the SuperK CHROMATUNE is ready to cover your wavelength needs.

Industrial reliability

We know that uptime is important to you. CHROMATUNE is a fiber laser, which ensures excellent reliability and a lifetime of thousands of hours. It requires no maintenance or service, no alignment or adjustments. It is based on our reliable industrial laser platform, and you can trust it to run 24/7. You will always have the light you need.

Versatile & easy to use

We believe that you shouldn’t have to be a laser expert to work with one. Pick your wavelength and press the button to get instant light. It is that easy.

We have designed it for applications such as:

  • Microscopy
  • Spectroscopy
  • Fluorescence
  • Lifetime imaging
  • Optical characterization
  • Plasmonics & metamaterials

Ready. Steady. Go.

A laser that can grow with you

We designed the CHROMATUNE to be extremely easy to use. But flip it into advanced mode, and you can change the linewidth of the laser, increase the power in different wavelength ranges and automate wavelength sweeps and other functionalities. As standard, the laser runs at quasi-CW MHz rep rates, but you can also change that if you are studying lifetime phenomena.

Everything is controlled by our intuitive software interface, but should you need even more control or integration, our free SDK got you covered.