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Do you wonder how to make the most of our ultrafast lasers? Let us help you!

Our state-of-the-art Industrial Application Center is built to assist you in exploring and optimizing your ultrafast laser micromachining applications.

Origami XP ultrafast laser40 years’ experience in industrial laser micromachining

Our team of highly skilled laser application experts has a collective experience of 40 years in industrial laser micromachining.

We are continuously exploring ultrafast processing of various novel materials and eager to share our knowledge to support your application development.


What do you want to do?

Regardless of your requirements, we are happy to offer advice and explore with you whether your laser micromachining requirements are ablation, drilling, cutting, scribing, marking, engraving, welding, or surface functionalization of metals, ceramics, brittle transparent materials or organic materials.

Industry-leading equipment ensure the best result

Ultrafast Apps Lab

Currently, we have two micromachining set-ups equipped with a wide range of galvo scanners, telecentric f-theta lenses, beam expanders, XYZ motion stages with a dual-axis position synchronized output (PSO) capability, various scanner control cards, and scanner software and our versatile high-performance compact ultrafast lasers. With the right combination of optical components, we can focus laser beams down to spot size of <5 µm.

Material processing is achieved with high accuracy, using nothing but industry-leading equipment from Aerotech, Newport, Zaber, Scanlab, Raylase, and NIKON. Furthermore, high-resolution CCD camera-based optical microscopy is employed to provide a detailed analysis of processed samples.

With a wide range of microscope objectives combined with the motorized XYZ stages and image stitching or automated Z-axis acquisition features, we can create a detailed 3D profile of features to analyze the results. If needed, access to SEM and TEM analysis equipment is available for exploratory material analysis.

Micro-machining for every industry

Our ultrafast lasers are capable to process virtually any material from metals, ceramics, glass, polymers, organic materials, and even composites. We can configure our set up easily to meet your micromachining needs whether you’re involved with display manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, or semiconductor and microelectronics.

What can we explore for you?

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Lab equipment

  • Galvo scanners
  • Telecentric f-theta lenses
  • Beam expanders
  • XYZ motion stages (dual-axis position synchronized output (PSO) capability)
  • A range of scanner control cards and software
  • High-resolution CCD camera-based optical microscopy
  • Our high-performance compact ultrafast lasers
  • Supporting optical components
  • Access to Scanning Electron Microscopy and Transmission Electron Microscopy

Meet the experts

Tara Murphy apps lab expert Tara Murphy graduated from the University of Bath having studied physics. She is currently working as an Applications Engineer at NKT Photonics in the UK office having held previous roles with Fianium and SPI Lasers. Tara has gained extensive knowledge of lasers for industrial and scientific applications using fiber lasers, ultrafast lasers, and supercontinuum sources. She has co-authored patents relating to laser processing materials and presented technical papers internationally.
Raj Patel apps lab expert Rajesh S. Patel has 30 years of experience in laser material processing. He is currently a Director of Applications Engineering. Previously, he has worked in engineering and senior management positions at IBM, Aradigm, IMRA, and Spectra-Physics. He received his PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Raj has worked with various lasers for developing applications in flat panel displays, microelectronics, semiconductors, photovoltaics, mobile and medical device manufacturing, and the photonics industry. He has authored 29 US patents and published 125+ technical papers and articles and is an active member of the Laser Institute of America (LIA), SPIE, and OSA. He was elected to serve as President of LIA for 2009.



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