LIDAR systems

The laser you pick for your LIDAR system determines the performance. Different applications call for different lasers. With our lasers, you get excellent performance when it comes to point on the target, precision, angular and spatial resolution, point density, and range.

Fiber lasers function in harsh environments

LIDAR systems are often used in harsh environments where extremes are the standard. Extreme pressure, extreme temperatures, radiation, vibration, shock, and high accelerations are inescapable working conditions.

Consider distributed feedback fiber lasers for your LIDAR system. They are inherently rugged and can work under harsh conditions – without jeopardizing reliability and uptime.

Looking for a laser for your LIDAR system?

Your laser needs depend on the specifics of your LIDAR application.

We have a wide range of lasers, including single-frequency DFB fiber lasers and ultrashort pulse fiber lasers.

Our DFB lasers are continuous-wave lasers, they have a high beam quality and high pointing stability. This gives your LIDAR system excellent performance when it comes to point on the target, precision, angular resolution, point density, and a long-range.

Our ultrashort pulse lasers can deliver sub-picosecond to nanosecond pulses and using these sources you can increase the spatial resolution from the LIDAR system

To get the best solution, you need to determine what you need in a laser.

  • Stability?
  • Robustness?
  • Low phase noise?
  • Ultrashort pulses?
  • Low coherence lengths?
  • Piezo or thermal tunability?
  • Wavelengths in the 1000-2000 nm range?

What is your application?

Fiber lasers are inherently stable and robust. This makes them suitable for LIDAR applications that are subject to harsh environments and mechanical vibration, such as:

  • Navigation
  • Range finding
  • Target tracking
  • Space applications
  • Chemical detection
  • Topographic mapping of large areas
  • Autonomous terrestrial vehicles and robots

What is your application?

Robust, reliable, and with high sensitivity

To deliver accurate measurements, the laser source must be robust, and its optical performance must be insensitive to structural and acoustic vibrations.

Our fiber laser design is inherently reliable and robust. We have developed it for a long lifetime in demanding environments where uptime is critical. With documented low failure rates, we proudly deliver the most reliable low-noise lasers on the market.

We have more than 15,000 Koheras lasers deployed in the harshest environments; on oilrigs, in submarines, on wind turbines, and even in space. With 20 years of experience, we know they last!

Our ultrashort pulse fiber lasers are used 24/7 within demanding applications across industrial manufacturing, semiconductor inspection, and medical surgery.

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You can get standard lasers, or we can tailor a custom solution based on our vast laser platform.

Or, if you need it, we can build lasers into sub-systems to fit directly into your LIDAR system.


  • Low phase-noise and long coherence length provides superior sensing distances
  • Accurate pinpointing of intrusion or threat to critical assets
  • Industrial reliability due to robust laser design
  • Designed for OEM integration