Why choose? New Koheras BoostiK™ laser gives you high output power AND ultra low noise – single-frequency

NKT Photonics  launches new range of high power BoostiK™ single-frequency fiber lasers offering up to 15W output with market leading low phase noise and narrow linewidth for applications within e.g. atomic physics, sensing and LIDAR. The laser is completely fiber monolithic and maintenance free with an industrially rugged air cooled package – ready to handle 24/7 operation in both laboratory and industrial environments.   “We are very excited about the new BoostiK™ series as it makes our industry-leading low noise lasers available for customers requiring narrow linewidth at Watt level output” Says Søren Løvgreen, sales manager for Koheras lasers. “This is especially important for the atomic trapping community but has many other applications within fields like LIDAR and metrology”.   To further service our customers and ensure maximum security, the Koheras BoostiK™ laser is available with NKT Photonics’ Koheras Care™ warranty and service packages that gives our customers a 2 year warranty extension, remote diagnostics of key parameters over the internet and the possibility of having a customer specific laser in stock at NKT Photonics – ready to ship within hours if needed.

Supreme performance

  • Up to 10 W at 1.55 µm and 15 W at 1.06 µm
  • Low phase and intensity noise
  • Ultra narrow linewidth
  • Single mode and single frequency
  • Burst noise and mode hop free
  • Many wavelengths available
  • Fast tuning enabling external stabilization

Reliable system

  • All-fiber maintenance free design
  • Rugged industrial design with high reliability
  • Optically isolation in all stages
  • Air cooled

Typical applications

  • Quantum optics / computing and phenomena (optical trapping, optical lattice, Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC), atom interferometer, squeezing)
  • Nonlinear optics pump source (second harmonic generation,  parametric processes)
  • Laser-based metrology (precision laser interferometry, spectroscopy)
  • Optical heterodyning and coherent communication
  • Coherent beam combining
  • Optical length and frequency standards
  • Metrology / LIDAR