Wanted: Marketing Assistant for laser experiments

You are standing in the Moscone Center in San Francisco where half build booths, big crates and general chaos rule. You check in with the booth builder to make sure they are finishing on time when your pocked starts vibrating. It’s our Chinese office, requesting a demo unit shipped to Shanghai. You quickly check the demo schedule and give them a go. A mail to HQ in Denmark, and the demo equipment is underway while you move on to proofread the press release set to go out when the show opens in far too few hours…

We are looking for a structured marketing assistant than can reliably keep track of a million things at the same time. You know your way around Adobes Creative Cloud and can translate engineering lingo into text that even your grandma can understand. At the same time, you can keep a deadline and manage exhibition logistics and a worldwide demo pool of some of the most advanced lasers on the planet. All while keeping the website updated.

Our products and customers are very technical and our sales team consists of physicists and engineers (oh, and we have lasers in space… Not relevant, but we think it’s really cool and had to fit that in somewhere). In other words, you will have to acquaint yourself with fiber lasers and advanced photonics (if you haven’t already). Should you already have a degree within natural science it wouldn’t hurt and we expect you to be fluent in English (and preferably German, but now we are just pushing it).

Now, since we are looking for a structured person, here comes a list of some of your tasks:

  • Administration of exhibitions including shipping of equipment, booth registration and hotels reservations
  • Coordination and shipping of demo equipment Worldwide
  • Coordination of marketing material Worldwide
  • Website maintenance (currently WordPress)
  • Assist with update and changes to marketing material such as datasheets and presentation/flyers
  • Social media management (LinkedIN and Twitter)
  • Assist with layout and language in technical documentation such as manuals

At NKT Photonics, we aim to make a difference in the World. Commercially and by creating technology and products that benefit Mankind. These are lofty goals for sure but they drives us to perform above and beyond our peers and they keep us all motivated when we push forward with the wind in our face.

We employ some of the best minds in our industry and we would love to have you onboard as a key person of our small marketing team. We are growing fast, so be prepared for change and career opportunities. Need more info? Get in touch with our Marketing Director, Kim Hansen at +45 4348 3900 and if you think you have what it takes, send your resume to no later than February 29, 2016.

Download the job description in PDF: Marketing Assistant – Denmark