Want to know more about quantum science?

Physics World is arranging Quantum Week on June 14-18 to spread knowledge about quantum science and technology.

Quantum red wave

On Physics World’s website, you can sign up for free webinars on quantum-related topics.

Choose from the following presentations (or sign up for them all):

We’re proud to sponsor Hannes Bernien’s presentation on the recent progress on quantum processors and quantum networks based on arrays of individual atomic qubits.

Do you work with quantum technologies?

Do you know that our single-frequency fiber Koheras lasers are ideal for quantum experiments?

Koheras lasers offer ultra-low noise, narrow linewidth, and high-frequency stability in a rugged fiber format.

For trapping and cooling applications, we recommend our Koheras BOOSTIK single-frequency lasers. The BOOSTIK system has a range of advantages that have made it a daily driver in hundreds of laboratories around the World:

  • Easy to use and maintenance-free
  • High-frequency stability
  • Ultra-low phase noise
  • High power
  • Excellent beam quality