Ultrafast laser for micromachining

We are excited to launch the next generation ORIGAMI XP ultrafast femtosecond laser at LASER World of PHOTONICS. It now delivers average powers of 4 W at 1030 nm, and more than 1 W at 343 nm, respectively.

Switchable IR and UV wavelengths

For maximum flexibility in material processing, a field-attachable third-harmonic generation module allows for switching between the IR and UV.

With a laser center wavelength of 1030 nm, the third-harmonic generation module provides an additional output at 343 nm. Simply select the desired wavelength via the software.

Reliable, flexible, and cost-effective

With the mechanical stability of the OptocageTM solid-state platform and the superior material technology from Oxide for UV generation, the ORIGAMI XP is a cost-effective flexible ultrafast UV laser delivering high average power and high pulse energy with industrial reliability.

Ideal for ultra-high precision micromachining

Application fields of the ORIGAMI XP include:

  • Medical device fabrication
  • Femtosecond micromachining
  • Thin film patterning
  • Sapphire drilling and cutting
  • Glass cutting and drilling
  • Ceramics drilling and scribing
  • Polyimide drilling and cutting
  • Multiphoton microscopy
  • Ophthalmic applications
  • FPD pixel repair

This is the first of several lasers that we will release as a result of our strategic partnership with Oxide Corporation of Japan, the world’s premier supplier of industrially reliable optical frequency conversion technology.

See it at LASER World of PHOTONICS

Do you want to see it? Swing by our booth (A3,137), read more to the product page, or contact us.


  • Air-cooled, single-box for ease of integration
  • Single-shot and Pulse-on-Demand
  • Dual-output wavelength module
  • Outstanding energy and pointing stability
  • Water cooling available
  • Standard pulse width below 400 fs
  • Average power up to >4 W at 1030 nm and >1 W at 343 nm
  • Pulse energy up to >40 µJ at 1030 nm and >10 µJ at 343 nm