SuperK MIR Wins Innovation Prize

Our new SUPERK MIR, a high power mid-IR supercontinuum laser, won the Laser Technology Innovation Price at Ofweek 2017.

The organizers of Ofweek in China recognized our work to produce the new SuperK MIR by presenting us with this years Laser Technology Innovation Prize. The SuperK MIR is based on NKT Photonics proven supercontinuum platform, which offers the same benefits as the visible and near-infrared sources with an output in the mid-infrared.

The SuperK MIR laser delivers more than 450 mW of continuous light from 0.9 to 4.2 µm. The source features a monolithic all-fiber architecture ensuring stability and maintenance-free operation over thousands of hours. The mid-infrared light is fiber delivered through a broadband collimator, offering great flexibility and easy use.

The prize was awarded for high power, wide spectrum, and high stability.

We thank the organizers of Ofweek and look forward to launching many more great lasers in the future.

The product was developed with support from the European Union (Minerva, FP7-ICT 317803) and Innovation Fund Denmark (Light and Food)