Strategic partnership to enable highly reliable UV ultrafast lasers

NKT Photonics, a leading supplier of high-performance ultrafast laser technology, fiber optic sensing systems, and photonic crystal fibers has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Oxide Corporation of Japan, the world’s premier supplier of industrially reliable optical frequency conversion technology.

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The two companies will combine their industrially reliable technologies to develop and manufacture a range of ultraviolet and deep ultraviolet ultrafast lasers. The focus will be on lasers with high industrial reliability for the growing and demanding micromachining markets in semiconductor, consumer electronics, and medical.

Basil Garabet, President & CEO of NKT Photonics explains: “We are excited about our collaboration with Oxide Corporation as we will combine NKT Photonics long experience in ultrafast laser design with Oxide’s superior material technologies for UV harmonic generation. This will enable us to offer highly reliable, cost-effective, and flexible ultrafast UV lasers delivering both high average power and high pulse energy.”,

Yasunori Furukawa, President & CEO of Oxide Corporation adds: “We are very excited with this collaboration with NKT Photonics, as it will allow our cutting-edge THG modules to be combined with NKTP’s highly-functional fiber lasers, further enhancing the performance of each.  I believe our high-performance crystals and optical assemblies will mutually complement with ultrafast UV lasers NKT Photonics.”

The first lasers based on the collaboration will be on display at the NKT Photonics booth A3.137 at LASER World of PHOTONICS in Munich in June.

About NKT Photonics A/S

NKT Photonics is the leading supplier of high-performance fiber lasers and photonic crystal fibers. Our main markets are within imaging, sensing and material processing. Our products include ultrafast lasers, such as supercontinuum sources, low noise fiber lasers, distributed temperature sensing systems, and a wide range of specialty fibers. NKT Photonics has its headquarters in Denmark with sales and service worldwide. NKT Photonics is wholly owned by NKT A/S.

About Oxide Corporation

Oxide Corporation, a highly technology-oriented venture business, supplies wide range of products and services to its customers, including single crystals, a key material for today’s cutting-edge optical technology, optical devices based on such high-performance crystals and optical assemblies from modules to DUV and VUV lasers into which its high-quality crystals and devices, as well as its design technology, are all functionally integrated.