See our talks at Photonics West 2017

Our PhD students and engineers contribute with several talks and posters at this years Photonics West. Below is a list of all the papers that you can see presented in San Francisco. Join us at the forefront of fiber technology and swing by our booth to meet the authors.

A comparative study of noise in supercontinuum light sources for ultra-high resolution optical coherence tomography at 1300 nm

Michael Maria, Ivan B. Gonzalo, Magalie M. Bondu, Rasmus Dybbro Engelsholm, Thomas Feuchter, Peter Morten Moselund, Lasse Leick, Adrian G. Podoleanu, Ole Bang

29 January 2017 • 10:50 – 11:10 AM

Polarization extinction ratio and polarization dependent intensity noise analyses in long-pulse supercontinuum generation

Catherine Chin, Rasmus Dybbro Engelsholm, Peter Morten Moselund, Thomas Feuchter, Lasse Leick, Adrian Podoleanu, Ole Bang

30 January 2017 • 4:26 – 4:38 PM

Multimodal optical coherence tomography and multispectral photoacoustic microscopy with a single supercontinuum source: studying the influence of the source noise

Magalie M. Bondu, Peter Morten Moselund, Lasse Leick, Adrian G. Podoleanu

30 January 2017 • 5:30 – 7:30 PM

Broadband upconversion imaging around 4 µm using an all-fiber supercontinuum source

Laurent Huot, Christian Pedersen, Peter Tidemand-Lichtenberg, Peter M. Moselund, Lasse Leick

31 January 2017 • 1:40 – 2:00 PM

Record power, ultra-broadband supercontinuum source based on highly GeO2 doped silica fiber

Deepak Jain, Raghuraman Sidharthan, Peter M. Moselund, Seongwoo Yoo, Daryl Ho, Ole Bang

1 February 2017 • 8:30 – 8:50 AM

Fast hyper-spectral imaging of cytological samples in the mid-infrared wavelength region

Mark Farries, Jon D. Ward, Ian D. Lindsay, Jayakrupakar Nallala, Peter M. Moselund

1 February 2017 • 1:35 – 1:55 PM