ORIGAMI XP femtosecond laser series gets better!

We have improved the ORIGAMI XP platform for you! We have added extra features to make it an even better choice for industrial OEM and research applications such as display, medical-device, and electronic manufacturing. But we did not change its robust, compact, air-cooled housing or market-leading pointing stability.


Get precise cuts and marks, every time

The new ORIGAMI 10XP version 5.0 is available as a 4 W laser with a 40 µJ maximum pulse energy, while the ORIGAMI XPS delivers a higher 5 W power and maximum pulse energy of 70 µJ. The excellent pulse quality lets you make precise cuts or marks with little, to no, parasitic thermal effects.

The ORIGAMI XP v5.0 has a typical pulse width of <370 fs. If you need more peak power flexibility for process optimization, go for the pulse width control option that lets you tune the pulse width from <370 fs to 5 ps.

The stability of the average power is kept to <1% (RMS) over 100 hours, thanks to the closed-loop power control. Together with additional sensors to monitor the relative peak power, the user can now optimize a variety of material processing conditions and ensure high repeatability.

Be in control with the easy and simple interface and real-time monitoring

The ORIGAMI XP v5.0 is now equipped with the standard NKT Photonics bus interface, unique to all NKT Photonics laser products. Together with the NKT Photonics CONTROL graphical user interface, you can now operate the ORIGAMI XP simply and intuitively.

We have equipped the ORIGAMI XP v5.0 with internal sensors to monitor and log critical operational laser parameters. This means that you, during operation, can get a comprehensive understanding of the health of the laser and conduct any pro-active diagnostic checks at any time.

Green and UV harmonic versions are available as standard

The ORIGAMI XP v5.0 is also available in green and UV versions, providing a flexible suite for any ultrafast machining applications.

The ORIGAMI 05XP provides 2 W of power, with 20 µJ of pulse energy at 515 nm, with the 05XP-S providing 2.5 W of power, with 35 µJ pulse energy.

The ORIGAMI 03XP series consists of an IR/UV or IR/Green/UV switchable laser with >1.2 W of UV power and 20 µJ of UV pulse energy.

Deep-UV output is also available. Please contact us for more information

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