Onefive is now part of NKT Photonics

Today we welcome more than 40 new employees to NKT Photonics as our acquisition of OneFive is now final. We are excited to include all our new colleagues into the NKT Photonics family and, together, we are looking forward to bringing a lot of new ultrafast lasers to the market.

Founded in 2005, Onefive has a strong product portfolio within ultrafast lasers, especially within femto- and picosecond systems. Onefive’s customers are mainly in the medical and life science segments, but they also supply lasers to the industrial material processing and the scientific markets. The company employs 41 people mainly in Zurich, where the main production facilities are located, and in a smaller site in Berlin under the name Advanced Laser Diode Systems.

See also our previous announcement of the acquisition.

Our Onefive product range

Industrial ultrafast lasers
Scientific ultrafast lasers