NKT Photonics releases the Koheras X15 – the most silent industrial fiber laser on the market

NKT Photonics, the low noise fiber laser specialist, today releases the new Koheras BASIK X15 ultra low noise fiber laser for the growing fiber sensing marked. The X15 is the pinnacle of industrial low noise lasers featuring ultra low phase noise well below 1 µrad/√Hz combined with a narrow Hz-range linewidth – performance normally only found in costly scientific systems. The BASIK X15 is an industrial OEM laser module designed for 24/7 operation and it can provide 30mW output power anywhere in the 1535-1585nm range.

The performance of the new X15 is taking industrial single frequency lasers to a new level, Søren Løvgreen, Product Line Manager for Koheras Lasers, explains:

“We already have thousands of Koheras lasers in the field where they form the backbone of sensor systems around the World and with the X15 we deliver noise performance that’s typically one or two orders of magnitude better than what is available on the market today. This extremely low noise level combined with our proven reliability and robust modular design open up new industrial applications within areas such as seismic mapping for oil & gas, pipeline monitoring, security and other applications that require very low phase noise at frequencies down to 1 Hz”.

For applications requiring more than one wavelength, the BASIK X15 modules can be integrated in the ACOUSTIK multichannel racks. The flexible ACOUSTIK platform supplies control and power for up to 16 BASIK channels and can be equipped with amplifiers and channel multiplexers. Wavelength channels can be changed or reconfigured as required.

The new Koheras X15 lasers will be on display at the Photonics West exhibition on booth #711 in San Francisco in the beginning of February.

For more information, please contact Søren Løvgreen at +45 43 48 39 00,