NKT Photonics receives volume ROD fiber order for industrial ultrafast lasers

NKT Photonics’ aeroGAIN-ROD fibers have long been the benchmark of high performance ytterbium gain fibers for ultrafast lasers. With their extremely large cores and diffraction limited output, they can handle peak power levels previously unheard of in fibers while keeping the pristine mode quality and flexibility that fiber lasers are known for.

Over the last years, ROD fibers have been moving from research and into industrial lasers, and today they take another big step as NKT Photonics secures a significant multi-year aeroGAIN-ROD contract for an industrial laser manufacturer.

Jakob Skov, CEO of NKT Photonics explains: “For several years, our flexible gain fibers have powered some of the best ultrafast lasers from the big laser manufactures on the market and with this order we again raise the performance bar for industrial ultrafast lasers. Many applications are moving towards ultrafast, and we are proud to support the most innovative laser manufactures in the industry with gain modules and fibers that enable them to offer laser solutions with class leading performance”

The aeroGAIN-ROD ytterbium gain fiber line is available both as bare fibers and as packaged gain blocks complete with thermal management and AR coated end-caps.

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