NKT Photonics opens a new industrial application center

We are excited to announce the opening of our first industrial application center (IAC) at our Southampton location in the UK. The IAC is a centerpiece of our dedicated customer-focused service where we offer to explore laser micromachining applications to our potential customers.

Industrial Application Lab

We perform feasibility and proof-of-concept studies using our state-of-the-art high-performance fiber-based ultrafast lasers.

The center will support the exploration of applications in semiconductors, flexible printed circuit boards, microelectronics, OLED and mLED displays, photovoltaics, medical devices, and other industrial manufacturing.

The IAC will also conduct internal independent and collaborative research with universities, institutes, and customers for advancing laser micromachining knowledge.

Two fully equipped micromachining stations

The facility has two micromachining stations equipped with various infrared and green wavelength compatible optical lenses, beam expanders, scanners, f-theta lenses, motion stages with position synchronized output (PSO) capability, and a range of our versatile ultrafast lasers.

The IAC is also equipped with a high-resolution CCD camera-based optical microscope capable of creating 3D images of laser machined features. An ultraviolet wavelength compatible micromachining set-up will be available soon.

World-class industrial application center services

Our team of experts is globally renowned and has a collective experience of more than forty years within laser micromachining applications.

The team pledges to provide world-class customer experience through our industry-leading product and industrial application center service. We strive to be a valuable resource in exploring your ultrafast laser applications.