NKT Photonics lasers help make quantum technology practical

NKT Photonics is participating in the newly started Qubiz – Quantum Innovation Center, which aims at transferring quantum physics into practical quantum technology.

NKT Photonics will develop and supply Koheras low noise single frequency fiber lasers for next generation internet cryptography to decrease the level of cyber crime. The lasers will be used in measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution, which has been shown to be robust against hacking and thereby enables future-proof secure communication. Furthermore, NKT will explore the possibility of generating ultra-low noise frequency combs from the Koheras lasers and test these combs for ultra-high capacity telecommunication networks.

The Qubiz center combines 15 Academic groups from Copenhagen University, DTU and Aarhus University with 18 companies and is funded with 80 Million DKK from Innovation Fund Denmark. It is headed by Søren Isaksen, who previously served as the CTO of the NKT Group, and aims at making Denmark a World centre of modern quantum technology.

More information about the project can be found on the Qubiz website