NKT Photonics gives license to PCF technology

NKT Photonics, announces that it has licensed parts of its unique Photonic Crystal Fiber technology to GLOphotonics.

The technology was originally developed by researchers at the University of Bath and the Technical University of Denmark and for more than a decade NKT Photonics(previously Crystal Fibre A/S) has pioneered the field of photonic crystal fibers. Today the technology forms the backbone of several high performance product areas such as supercontinuum lasers, high power pulsed fiber lasers and fiber gyros. The superior performance and flexibility offered by the technology constantly sparks new ideas and inventions.

Jakob Skov, CEO of NKT Photonics,explains: ”The PCF technology is a unique platform that can be taken in many different directions and we are working with quite a number of talented people around the world that have more great ideas than we can possible pursue ourselves. Thus we want to make sure that others can benefit from the technology and their innovative ideas by licensing the technology from us.” GLOphotonics, originally a spin out from the University of Bath now located in Limoges in France, is licensed to produce and sell gas-filled hollow core fibers – the so-called Photonic Microcell or PMCs.

“We are very pleased to be working with NKT Photonics. They supported the early proof-of-concept stages of the company and we hope to now reward that faith by bringing a new highly-disruptive product into the photonics market.” David Richards, CEO of GLOphotonics. For more information, please contact Jakob Skov at +45 4348 3900.