NKT Photonics enters volume contract for the security market

NKT Photonics A/S has entered into a volume contract with a non-disclosed party for the supply of its low noise Koheras fiber lasers. The contract amounts to 200 BasiK™ Modules under a two year delivery term.

The Koheras fiber lasers are characterized by a very low frequency and intensity noise, and inherent single frequency operation. This makes them very suitable for coherent sensor interferometry where the measurement sensitivity scales with the frequency noise level of the laser source. The Koheras lasers will be supplied as small and fully integrated modules for easy installation into advanced Fiber Optical Sensing systems.

“With this contract NKT Photonics demonstrates its capability to meet demanding industrial expectations to product performance, uniformity, and reliability, with a strong manufacturing backbone to support this kind of OEM customer applications”, said CEO Jakob Skov.

NKT Photonics’ Koheras lasers are also deployed for other large projects within structural integrity monitoring of pipelines, oil exploitation, acoustic detection for the defense sector, as well as Doppler sensing for the wind turbine industry.