NKT Photonics awarded commercial volume contract on Koheras fiber lasers for a seismic application in the oil industry

Oil rig

NKT Photonics A/S, the pioneer of low noise Koheras fiber lasers, announces that it has entered into a volume contract with a non-disclosed party for the supply of its low noise Koheras BasiK fiber laser modules. The laser modules are to be used for a seismic application within the oil industry.

“We have been supplying units for qualification tests for over 10 years with this partner, and the volume supply contract is a testimony to the strength and maturity of our modular Koheras fiber laser platform”says Jakob Skov, CEO of NKT Photonics. “The combination of the harsh environment and high precision needed for seismic oil exploration is especially challenging and it’s a breakthrough that our products have now been qualified for this extremely demanding application” he added.

The Koheras fiber lasers are characterized by a very low frequency and intensity noise, and inherent single frequency operation. The Basik platform is completely modular and volume manufactured on semi-automatic production equipment ensuring a high level of consistency and reliability. The unique combination of low noise, stability, reliability and modularity has made NKT Photonics’ Koheras lasers the source of choice for many commercial applications in structural integrity monitoring of pipelines, oil exploration, acoustic detection for the defense sector, and Doppler sensing for the wind turbine industry.