NKT Photonics acquires Fianium

NKT Photonics and Fianium today announced a definitive agreement under which NKT Photonics acquire 100% of the shares of Fianium Limited Holding in an all-cash transaction.


The acquisition will strengthen NKT Photonics’ global market position within ultrafast fiber and supercontinuum lasers, combining the two companies’ geographical coverage, manufacturing facilities and complementary product portfolios. The primary market is scientific and OEM customers with an increasing focus on commercial applications.

NKT Photonics CEO Basil Garabet comments: “By combining the NKT Photonics and Fianium businesses we complement our product offering, benefiting our customers. Furthermore, we will strengthen our development competences for innovative industrial solutions, improve service globally, and obtain synergies in sales and manufacturing.”

For more information, please contact Basil Garabet on +45 4348 3900

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Q: I have a quote from Fianium that is less than a month old. Is it still valid?

A: Yes, we honor all quotes that are within their valid period as stated on the quote.

Q: I placed an order with Fianium before the acquisition, but my product is not yet delivered. Will I get a Fianium product or an NKT Photonics product?

A: We will send you the Fianium product as stated on your order acknowledgement.

Q: Whom do I contact for a new quote on a Fianium product?

A: For the time being, please contact us on for quotes on Fianium products.


Q: What happens to the warranty on my Fianium product?

A: All warranties on Fianium products are valid as stated at the time of purchase

Q: Can I still get support on my Fianium products?

A: Yes. All Fianium products supported at the time of acquisition are also supported after. Hereafter, the products follow normal life cycle procedures.


Q: Can I use my existing Fianium source with the NKT Photonics accessories?

A: Yes, we are working on technical solution to make the two systems compatible. Please contact your local sales representative for more information.

Q: Will you still offer gain fibers and modules for ultrafast lasers?

A: Yes. Fibers and modules for ultrafast lasers continues to be a strategic product line for NKT Photonics.


Q: What happens to the existing Fianium facilities in Southampton?

A: The Fianium facilities in Southampton continues under the NKT Photonics name