NKT Appoints Basil Garabet as CEO

NKT’s Board of Directors has appointed Basil Garabet as CEO of Photonics Group as of 1 July 2015. The strengthening of Photonics Group’s leadership team, based on the establishment of an Executive Management for the underlying businesses, will support the strategy of achieving commercial scale within the Imaging and Sensing segments. Basil Garabet will report to NKT’s Board of Directors.

Aged 56 and of dual British and American nationality, Basil Garabet holds a MSc in Lasers and Their Applications from Essex University, UK. He has extensive international management experience from leading positions in the photonics industry with, among others:

  • EM4, US manufacturer of optoelectronics and subsystems, 2001-2013,
  • Altitun Inc., Swedish manufacturer of tunable lasers, 1999-2001,
  • Mellot Griot Inc., US manufacturer of lasers and photonic components, 1996-1999.

Since 2013, Basil Garabet has been acting as an independent consultant specialising in revitalising companies towards profit and growth, including the successful turnaround and sale of JK Lasers on behalf of The GSI Group.

– Basil Garabet’s thorough understanding of the global photonics business and extensive network in the industry are essential to achieving the full scope of Photonics Group’s strategy, to increase growth and reach commercial scale within our core segments of Imaging and Sensing. We are confident that under the leadership of the new CEO, our photonics business will gain further industrial foothold based on its cutting-edge technologies, says Jens Due Olsen, Chairman of NKT’s Board of Directors.

Jens Due Olsen Chairman of the Board of Directors Tel: + 45 4082 8804