New Onefive ORIGAMI XP-S industrial femtosecond laser

With the new ORIGAMI XP-S we significantly extended the performance of the ORIGAMI XP series. The series includes our industrial-grade femtosecond lasers designed for easy and cost-effective system integration. With this launch of a new high energy ORIGAMI XP that provides up to 75uJ/pulse in the near infrared (1030nm) or, optionally 35uJ/pulse in the green (515nm), we have combined industrial design with unprecedented reliability.

The performance improvements provide enhanced flexibility in precision materials processing; especially for cutting thicker substrates and drilling deep holes in glass, ceramics, and thin/thick metals used in medical devices. The ultrashort pulse width guarantees excellent surface and edge quality without the need for post-processing steps in various applications.


  • Air-cooled, single-box for ease of integration
  • < 400 fs standard pulsewidth
  • Up to 5W average power
  • 75uJ/pulse @ 1030nm
  • Single-shot or Pulse-on-Demand
  • Outstanding energy and pointing stability
  • Industrial, rugged design
  • Mountable in any direction
  • Real-time pulse energy measurement and control
  • Unprecedented reliability
  • Second harmonic option

Head over to the onefive ORIGAMI XP product page to see all the specifications or get in touch with us to find out more.