New Onefive Industrial Ultrafast Lasers

Our new Onefive range of industrial ultrafast lasers offer a wide range of pulse lengths from femtosecond to picosecond and output power up to 100 W. Get variable or fixed repetition rate, single shot or burst mode, and optimize for your application.

Looking for industrial ultrafast lasers that can handle 24/7 operation in a manufacturing environment? Our new Onefive range is for you! Build at our facility in Switzerland, the Onefive lasers offers unparalleled reliability, beam quality, and power.

– Microjoule pulse energies
– Pico- and femtosecond pulses
– Robust and reliable 24/7 operation

We have thousands of lasers installed worldwide and offer local service and support in Asia, Europe, and US to make sure your lines stay up.

Get in contact with our product specialists or head over to our ultrafast laser section to learn more.