New low noise Koheras BASIK and ADJUSTIK fiber lasers

NKT Photonics has released a new generation of its narrow linewidth, low noise single frequency fiber lasers. The new design represents improved performance and new features, sustaining the continuous application development in the market for Metrology and industrial Sensing.

Key attributes of the new fiber lasers are:

  • Integrated piezo driver and function generator for easy fast wavelength modulation (no need for external piezo driver)
  • Extended fast tuning range (up to 10 GHz – 2.5x wider than previous generation)
  • Better thermal long term wavelength stability (~0.1 pm/°C)
  • New intuitive GUI control software (NKT Photonics CONTROL) including fast wavelength modulation
  • Koheras ADJUSTIK reduced in size to only 1U in a 19″ rack

The BASIK single-frequency laser is the fundamental building block of our Koheras range. Available as-is for OEM integration or as part of a multiwavelength ACOUSTIK system. If you need easy control, the Koheras ADJUSTIK is the laser for you as it comes with integrated power supply, front panel control, and possibility for computer control – all in a slim rack-mountable 1U chassis.

All our Koheras lasers are available in X15, E15 and Y10 variants within the wavelength ranges 1535-1580 nm and 1030-1120 nm.

The Koheras lasers are smaller, quieter and faster than ever before, and all the qualities that have made our lasers the first choice for industrial sensing and metrology remain:

  • Inherent single frequency and mode-hop free operation
  • Ultra low frequency and intensity noise
  • High long term frequency stability
  • Fast wavelength modulation (e.g. for external stabilisation)
  • Wide tuning
  • All-fiber, compact and reliable
  • Huge wavelength selections