New laser system for cutting-edge quantum optics

The new Koheras HARMONIK system offers you a high-power, frequency-converted and ultra-low noise laser system offering up to 7 W output. With a market leading low phase noise and narrow linewidth at 775-780 nm, it is ideal for ultracold atom applications.


The laser system is completely fiber monolithic and maintenance-free with an industrially rugged air-cooled package – ready to handle 24/7 operation in laboratories as well as industrial environments.

Ideal for quantum optics

Quantum optics is a critical strategic technology in security as well as civil applications. Important quantum optic techniques such as Doppler laser cooling of atoms and squeezed light require low-noise, narrow-linewidth lasers, like the HARMONIK system.

Other uses of the HARMONIK include:

  • Quantum optics, computing and phenomena such as optical trapping, optical lattice, Bose-Einstein condensate, atom interferometer, squeezing etc.
  • Nonlinear optics pump source e.g. second harmonic generation, parametric processes
  • Laser-based metrology such as precision laser interferometry and spectroscopy
  • Optical heterodyning and coherent communication
  • Optical length and frequency standards
  • High precision spectroscopy
  • Coherent beam combining


  • Up to 7 W output power at 775-780 nm
  • Sub-kHz linewidth
  • Ultra-low frequency and intensity noise
  • Wide wavelength tunability
  • Excellent beam quality
  • Single mode and single frequency
  • Fast wavelength tuning for external stabilization

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