New high performance and rugged ultrafast fiber laser

We are excited to launch our new industrial-grade femtosecond fiber laser, the aeroPULSE FS60, at LASER World of PHOTONICS. The aeroPULSE FS60, based on NKT Photonics’ renowned photonic crystal fiber (PCF) technology delivers >60 W average power with a pulse energy of up to 40 µJ at 1030nm.

Switchable IR & Green wavelengths

Connect a field-attachable second harmonic generation module to the aeroPULSE FS60 to obtain >30 W of switchable average power at 515 nm and pulse energies up to >20 µJ.

Reliable, flexible and cost-effective

The PCF technology is firmly established in the market as an industrially reliable ultrafast platform.

With the shipment of than 3000 supercontinuum lasers products to date, NKT Photonics has tremendous experience in the manufacture of ultrafast lasers based on the PCF platform. By harnessing our PCF technology, the FS60 is an example of a cost-effective flexible ultrafast fiber laser, delivering high average power and high pulse energy with unprecedented reliability

Ideal for ultra-high precision micromachining

The aeroPULSE FS60 is ideally suited for micromachining applications in PCB manufacture, wafer scribing, surface structuring, and medical device manufacturing.

Other application fields of the aeroPULSE FS60 include:

  • Thin film cutting
  • Glass cutting
  • Stent manufacture
  • IC package cutting
  • OPA Pumping
  • Femtosecond materials processing


  • Average powers: >60 W@1030nm, 30 W@515nm
  • Pulse energies of >40 μJ@1030nm, >20 μJ@515nm
  • Available pulse widths <500 fs – 3 ps
  • Up to 50 MHz repetition rate
  • Excellent beam pointing stability
  • Programmable amplifier burst control
  • Designed for industrial reliability
  • System monitoring via remote diagnostics
  • Maintenance-free 24/7 operation

See it at LASER World of PHOTONICS

Want to see it with your own eyes? Come get hands-on at our booth (A3,137), get on to the product page to read more, or contact us.