New flexible femtosecond laser

The aeroPULSE FS10 is our brand-new femtosecond fiber laser. It’s flexible and lets you tune the pulse from 350 fs to 5 ps.

This completely air-cooled femtosecond laser delivers 10 W of power at a maximum pulse energy of 20 μJ, a repetition rate from 500 kHz to 20 MHz, and additional pulse picking control from single-shot to 1 MHz.

Reliable performance

The aeroPULSE fiber lasers are robust and reliable and run 24/7. The laser has built-in sensors that assure optimal performance. Qualified to rigorous safety, mechanical, and environmental standards in an ISO13485 certified manufacturing setup, you can trust the aeroPULSE FS10 in applications within medical, surgical, and industrial sectors.

Easy to use

The user interface ensures easy-to-use and intuitive operation. And the compact laser head ensures easy integration in any OEM application allowing the controller to be placed away from the processing area for easy service access and optimum use of system real-estate.

We have designed it for applications such as:

  • Ophthalmic surgery
  • Photo-stimulation within optogenetics
  • Laser scribing/cutting in fragile materials

In fact, use it for any application where excellent beam quality and pointing, high power stability, and reliable performance are key to success.

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