New collaboration on Photonic Crystal Fiber delivery has seen the light of day

NKT Photonics, the leading supplier of high-performance fiber lasers, fiber optic sensing systems, and photonic crystal fibers, and ALPhANOV, the optics and lasers technology center of the Route des Lasers cluster (near Bordeaux, France) have formed a partnership to make optical interfacing easier.

OPIE 21 Blue fibers

The demand for advanced fiber delivery is rapidly increasing, and many industrial and scientific applications benefit greatly from broadband, high power, polarization-maintaining, single-mode light delivery.

Demanding applications

Photonic Crystal Fiber Large Mode Area (PCF LMA) fibers from NKT Photonics are ideal for highly demanding applications. One example is semiconductor inspection, where single-mode delivery of broadband light is essential to ensure correct processing. Another is quantum optics, where the transport of high power, single-mode, narrow (<kHz) linewidth light is paramount for cold atom trapping.

Cutting-edge connector interface solutions

To ensure easy interfacing to the applications, NKT Photonics is now combining their PCF LMA fibers with cutting-edge connector interface solutions from ALPhANOV. The first result of the collaboration is the immediate release of a new range of off-the-shelf aeroGUIDE fiber delivery products available through NKT Photonics. Custom fiber delivery solutions are also available directly through ALPhANOV.

Our relationship spans over 10 years. We are happy to collaborate with ALPhANOV to, again, allow the combination of our core technology platforms. Together, we will serve a growing market with our unique aeroGUIDE PCF LMA delivery products”, says Carsten Thomsen, VP of Ultrafast Lasers & Fiber Technology from NKT Photonics.

General Manager Benoît Appert-Collin from ALPhANOV adds, “Leveraging our expertise in connector technology for interfacing NKT Photonics’ unique fibers to applications is key in this partnership. We look forward to collaborating with NKT Photonics in providing user-friendly aeroGUIDE fiber delivery solutions for the photonics market.”

More information

The new aeroGUIDE products are available now.

For more information, please contact Jeppe Johansen,, or visit NKT Photonics’ web site or ALPhANOV’s web site.