Fiber laser technology for commercial quantum applications

Watch the video to learn more about fiber lasers for commercial quantum applications.

If you have 3 minutes, watch the video to learn more about fiber lasers for commercial quantum applications. This video was shot at Photonics West 2023.

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NKT Photonics has for many years been the leading provider of narrow linewidth fiber lasers and also the sole commercial producer of photonic crystal amplification fiber. These are the key ingredients that allow NKT Photonics to match the ambitious development roadmaps of the world’s foremost quantum computing efforts.

We are motivated by making a difference in the world through fiber and laser technology, and we have been active in the quantum optics community for many years. In recent years, we have developed high-power frequency conversion for the emerging cold atom quantum sensing community which didn’t have any commercial options at these levels.

Soon after we launched our HARMONIK platform, the quantum revolution gained traction around quantum computing. This prompted a race for even higher power and more exotic wavelengths – two things that fiber lasers are uniquely positioned to address.

Fiber lasers excel at noise, stability, and power scalability. These parameters are important when experimenting with cold atom-based quantum optics, such as quantum computing.

Unfortunately, the typical fiber laser wavelengths are unsuitable for cold atom manipulation. This can be resolved through frequency conversion, which has the added benefit of acting as a nonlinear bandpass filter, filtering out the spontaneous emission always present in lasers. Another benefit of using fiber lasers is that the researcher can take advantage of the infrared fundamental wavelength of the laser to perform modulation and locking.

The main difference between academic and commercial use is scalability in all aspects. This includes laser power, of course, but also long-term stability and serviceability. Fiber lasers as a technology are inherently excellent on these parameters.

Fiber lasers can scale single-mode power like no other laser technology because the thermal load is distributed over the length of the amplifying fiber. At the same time, most components are identical to the ones used in telecom equipment, ensuring exceptional system lifetime.

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